Now You Can Relax... Your Marketing Strategy Just Got a Lot Easier.

Remove the overwhelm and let our experienced wellness marketers do the work for you.


Now You Can Relax... Your Marketing Strategy Just Got a Lot Easier.

Remove the overwhelm and let our experienced wellness marketers do the work for you.

Don’t Want to Mess with Marketing?

We’ve got some experts that can help.

Being a marketing ninja isn’t right for everyone. That’s why Ronda and her team of marketing experts created Clinical Catalyst.

A perfect mix of social media content, weekly emails, and a beautiful website that will show off your clinical superpower, Clinical Catalyst becomes part of your team, creating the content and the strategy that you don’t have time (or the desire) to do yourself.

Now, you can focus on doing what you love - taking care of the people you serve.

As part of the Clinical Catalyst community, you’ll have access to:

  • Online intake forms, stored in a HIPAA-secure environment

  • Marketing quizzes that identify and attract your perfect patients

  • Weekly emails that keep your name top-of-mind with your patients

  • Wellness articles written about topics your patients care about most

  • Comprehensive assessments to help you provide better care

  • Monthly marketing guide about how to deliver even more value to your patients and community


I have been getting great responses to my weekly emails. I love getting little notes about how these newsletters are appreciated and invaluable. And it’s so important to give clients the kind of health and wellness support they need while staying on their radar!

Kyla B.

The weekly emails are excellent! Our patients are consistently responding about how much they appreciate the content. We get a lot of “thanks for this” or “this made my day” from your wonderful emails. I am very glad we joined forces. 

Melissa T.

Thank you so much for the comprehensive information about how to market a successful wellness practice. I absolutely LOVE my new website and the content you provide on my behalf is beyond exceptional. And to make it even better, the info, tutorials and how-to videos in our private dashboard are so extremely helpful and have made this investment worth every penny!

Don S.


Ready to Transform Your Practice Business… the same way thousands of other practitioners already have?

Great! We’ve made it easy to get started:

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Watch the FREE Video Series

Ronda’s short but actionable video series includes Five Simple Strategies that will help you keep your appointment book full, kickstart your business, and create an amazing patient experience. Once you’ve finished, you’ll feel more confident about being the Rockstar business owner you were meant to be!

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Download our FREE Podcast

Full of practical and actionable insights, The Clinical Entrepreneur podcast will soon become your new favorite. Each week, Ronda gets down to business (literally), providing the resources and information you need to build a thriving wellness practice. Filled with humor and raw honesty, you won’t want to miss a single episode.

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Schedule Your FREE 15-Minute Business Strategy Call

If you’re overwhelmed and unsure about where to begin, this quick 15-minute evaluation will help you clarify what’s important so you can begin taking action. When you’re done, you’ll have at least one specific strategy to help you move toward your big business, clinical or marketing goals.

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