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Increase your clinical knowledge and sharpen your skills with Clinical Academy, a monthly membership that dives deep into the clinical topics you care most about. Curated and delivered with a teaching style uniquely her own, Ronda provides simple and actionable strategies for practitioners who love using whole-foods and quality herbs as part of their wellness protocols.

As a Clinical Academy member, you’ll have access to:

  • Easy-to-consume weekly lessons inside a password-protected site

  • Searchable video content so you can find what you’re looking for in a snap

  • Downloadable notes, practitioner tools, and patient resources

  • LIVE Q&A sessions where you can ask all your clinical questions

  • Learn from other wellness practitioners in a private online group


The detail of each subject inside Clinical Academy is phenomenal! It is broken down so well and is organized in a way that helps make the subject matter understandable. I have definitely been able to utilize this information in my practice. I have all my notes and resources organized in a special binder that I can refer to when I need it. Clinical Academy is the BEST!

Susan P.

I love Clinical Academy! The monthly topics are fantastic and Dr. Ronda breaks it down in a way that really makes sense. I can apply it to the next patient who walks in the door! Plus, you always have access to the content. This has definitely helped me be a better clinician. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Ronda! I am thrilled to be part of this amazing tribe of practitioners.

Katie T.

When I first enrolled in Clinical Academy, I couldn’t wait to listen to the first lesson. Then when I got to work on Friday morning, my VERY FIRST PATIENT was exactly who she was talking about! I knew exactly what to do, how to communicate with them, and was able to provide the resources to the patient right away. Can’t wait for more content!

Chad D.

I absolutely love Clinical Academy! I worked in the lab for a naturopath and had the joy of mixing herbs. I so want this to be my next area of study. Thank you so much for all you do and what a blessing this Clinical Academy has been to me.


It is absolutely amazing and unprecedented how much material, information and content is available here! Dr. Ronda provides just enough detail without making it too technical and then adds in her own clinical take on the topic making it actionable and useful for any practitioner. The value of this information and tutorials is off the charts for any clinician who is serious about increasing their knowledge. Clinical Academy is a MUST-HAVE resource! Outstanding!

Don S.

I think I found my newest favorite topic! Do you ever get a topic that just makes your brain happy? Of course the excellent teacher who provides amazing info, in the best possible way, might have a lot to do with it!

Lu M.

If I may be so bold, I’d like to encourage anyone who hasn’t joined Dr. Ronda’s Clinical Academy to do so ASAP! Even if you try it for a month, I think you might be hooked. I consider it as one of my faves! Thank you for your help Dr. Ronda. You’re a blessing in my life and it trickles down to benefiting my clients.

Kimberly P.

Clinical Academy is fabulous! Highly recommended to all who want to expand their knowledge!

Robert C.

Clinical Academy is an investment in yourself and your office. The knowledge is ready to use the next day. Once I learned more and had the confidence to apply what we were learning, it has lead to increased sales, happier patients and a better income!

Lu M.

Are Online Courses or Paper Resources More Your Style?

Glad to hear it, because we have some of each.

If you’ve got a learn-at-home’ kind of vibe, Ronda’s online courses and resource manuals will help you sharpen your clinical skills and set you up for success with your patients.

True to her style, Ronda is able to break down the clinical complexities into manageable pieces, making it easy to implement what you learn.

We’ve got a library of topic-specific manuals that act as valuable desk-references, making it super easy to find the information you need in a snap!


Clinical Consulting

Do you feel like your clinical protocols aren’t working like they should? Want to cut to the chase and get specific questions answered fast? Are you seeking outside support for managing your own healthcare?

With one-on-one clinical consulting, I provide personal guidance to solve your toughest patient cases, or *ahem* help you get your own health back on track. I’ve consulted with over 2,000 practitioners to help them tighten up nutritional protocols, solve seemingly impossible cases and help locate the blind spots in their own health care so they can live healthy lives too. Let’s connect and see how I can best support YOU!


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Ronda’s short but actionable video series includes Five Simple Strategies that will help you keep your appointment book full, kickstart your business, and create an amazing patient experience. Once you’ve finished, you’ll feel more confident about being the Rockstar business owner you were meant to be!

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Full of practical and actionable insights, The Clinical Entrepreneur podcast will soon become your new favorite. Each week, Ronda gets down to business (literally), providing the resources and information you need to build a thriving wellness practice. Filled with humor and raw honesty, you won’t want to miss a single episode.

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