127: The Art of Storytelling to Grow Your Wellness Practice (Part 2) with Jude Charles

Jude Charles, storytelling extraordinaire, is back on the Clinical Entrepreneur Podcast this week to help you leverage the art of storytelling to grow your wellness practice. 🔥

Last week Jude walked us through the process of cherry-picking the best patient success stories (using me as an example) and got our wheels turning about how these little stories can have a big impact on our businesses. 

This week, we’re focusing on the process of boiling these stories down into powerful sound bites to create deeper connections. 💘

Because here’s the thing → whether you realize it or not, you’ve transformed the lives of countless patients, but you have to learn the art of teasing out the golden nuggets from seemingly ordinary stories in order to use them effectively in your marketing. 🔥

Ready to find out how the art of storytelling can transform your business in 2023?! 

Grab a snack, hit “play” and listen as Jude walks ME through the process of distilling my own atomic stories. 💥


Gold Nuggets

  • (1:38): I Get Vulnerable With My Story 🎙️
  • (7:38): Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do 🙅🏻‍♀️
  • (9:00): What Potential Clients Really Want to Know👂
  • (11:20): Pulling The Atomic Story Out 🎤
  • (21:28): How A Business Is Like A Baby 👶🏽
  • (25:06): What Really Moves Me Every Day 👟


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