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  • Close your eyes and imagine…

  • …the phone is ringing off the hook with new and returning patients

  • …you’ve got a streamlined process for scheduling and integrating all of your new patients

  • …word of mouth referrals and your social media activity is paying off

  • …your appointment book is so full that you’re contemplating opening up another day

  • …the vacation you’ve been wanting to take is looking like it’s actually going to happen

  • Turn this vision into reality with these 5 Simple Steps!

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“Absolutely loaded with ‘Aha’ moments!... This was soooooo worth it! Thank you for such an amazing resource…. ”

Fast-Track Your Practice Inside the

Business Coaching Collaborative

As part of the Business Coaching Collaborative, practitioners learn how to lead their businesses by wearing their CEO hat rather than solely working in their business as a clinician.

Over the course of 10-weeks, a small group of practitioners will have direct access to Ronda’s strategic business insights and expert guidance in a live, interactive format.

Weekly coaching provides the opportunity for collaboration and accountability as practitioners begin to see their practices thrive as their profitability increases.

  • Get crystal clear about who you serve and what your patients really want

  • Set the right fee schedule and maximize your profit

  • Learn how to identify, hire and train the right employees for your unique culture

  • Identify and leverage your superpower to attract the perfect type of patients

  • Create your own unique social media strategy and connect effortlessly online

  • Are you ready to create a profitable practice quickly?


The BCC group has given me a definitive structure for my practice, taught me the importance of staying in regular communication with my patients and helped me refine and define my staff responsibilities. I loved the community, accountability and most of all, learning from Dr. Ronda!

Robert G.

It was an honor to part of the group and Dr Ronda is so amazing and inspiring. A truly great leader – she’s a Rock Star!  Having this kind of access to her and what’s she’s created has been invaluable for me personally and in my business!

Nan C.

The information in Business Coaching Collaborative should be taught to every medical or healthcare practitioner that wants to go into business for themselves. Knowing how to create the right kinds of internal processes is worth the price of admission, not to mention everything else! Cannot recommend BCC highly enough! I’ve already seen my income go up significantly and can’t wait for what’s ahead!

Lynn R.

The detailed curriculum along with the IMMENSE support from Ronda Nelson and the other BCC’ers was a turning point in my work and career path. The information provided in the BCC program left no stone unturned. It moved me from a limited, stagnated, somewhat isolated solo practice to a more expanded, vital, intentional and financially successful BUSINESS! Ronda’s genuine heart, her commitment and caring for her “tribe” to succeed was palpable.

Nancy N.

When I decided to do Dr. Ronda’s Coaching Collaborative – my focus was on the marketing and when I had a phone interview with her, she was saying that we would work on the business side first then the marketing side. I went with it, as I trusted her judgement but was still thinking this first part is going to be things I’ve heard before with other consulting groups, but I kept my mind open and I’m so glad I did! Dr. Ronda knows what she’s doing and sure enough, we got the business side where it needed to be and THEN we worked on the marketing. Love, love, LOVE BCC and the community!

Katie T.

I don’t know when Ronda will open the Business Coaching Collaborative again, but let me tell you… when she does, RUN and sign up IMMEDIATELY!! We just completed 12 weeks of business training about hiring a great staff, to being a better CEO, to top-notch marketing. After being in practice for 20 years, I’m now starting over and fine-tuning everything to create the practice of my dreams. I’m excited for the future and ready to step into the next phase of helping LOTS of people live the lives they’ve been wanting. Thank you, Ronda!!

Tina V.

Dr. Ronda's Business Coaching Collaboration (BCC) program is awesome!   I have been through several of these types of programs (some costing 5X as much as hers).  This is the BEST one I have been through.  She offers practical information that helps you re-consider your role in your own business and learn how to put on your CEO pants.   It's not just about marketing, but teaches the ground-work first to so that you are prepared for the business.  I very much enjoyed the program and the process.  Dr. Ronda was very engaged in the group and great at responding to questions.  This was well worth it and I would highly recommend it!

Jeni S.

I would like to say THANK YOU!!!!! Just thank you for everything! The information I’ve received from Business Coaching Collaborative has been far beyond what I would have ever expected. so comprehensive and important it has forced me to go places I have not been before. I am so thankful and proud to be a part of this group and to have the support of Dr. Ronda’s and her team behind me. I know this is the exact thing I needed to accomplish the success I want for myself and for my family.
Again, thank you for everything you are doing. I am so very grateful.

Don S.


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